Apple Distinguished Educator
Program Agreement

April 2020

Apple Inc., its related subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide (collectively, “Apple”) are pleased to have you as a member of the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Program. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, (also referred to as an “ADE”), you are part of a select group of education professionals from around the world who possess an identified expertise in educational technology leadership. ADEs are trusted advisors on the realities of integrating technology into learning environments; passionate advocates for the potential of technologies to engage and empower students; authentic authors who share best practices for the advancement of teaching and learning; and global ambassadors who empower each other to expand the walls of the classroom to provide global experiences.

Membership in the ADE Program is intended as an ongoing engagement with Apple and your peer ADEs. Members are encouraged to remain as actively involved in the program as possible and may renew interest in the program each year through an annual renewal of “active” (formerly “alumni”) status.

This agreement is between each ADE and Apple, and sets out the benefits of becoming and remaining active as an ADE, the requirements and opportunities related to participation in the program, and other terms and conditions:

Benefits of selection as an ADE

  1. Recognition by Apple as an innovative educator who integrates technology into your curricula and learning environment in meaningful ways.
  2. Membership in the ADE Online Community site, a global online educational community enabling collaboration with other ADEs and with Apple.
  3. Access to Apple and third party software through the ADE Software Evaluation and Advocacy Program (SEAP), if your school or organization’s legal counsel or ethics official (or the appropriate individual within your organization) permits acceptance. (Apple does NOT provide discounts or hardware loans or gifts to ADEs as a benefit of membership in the ADE Program.)
  4. Invitation to apply for participation at an ADE Institute event for your region, in addition to special global ADE Institutes held for purposes of community building, in-person collaboration, content development and professional growth. Selected ADEs are responsible for their own travel to and from these events. Apple may provide lodging, meals and ground transportation to and from the event venue,1 as well as professional development content and materials for each Institute. Exact expenses covered by Apple vary from country to country and will be communicated in the registration information for each event.

1 Approval from your school or organization’s legal counsel or ethics official (or the appropriate individual within your organization) is required before this benefit is provided.

What is required from you

  1. Exchange educational experiences, projects and ideas with your fellow ADEs on an ongoing basis.
  2. Attend the ADE Institute event in your primary Apple region (as outlined in your ADE Application) if this is your first year in the ADE Program. ADEs are responsible for their own travel to and from this event. Apple may provide lodging, meals and ground transportation to and from the event venue,2 as well as professional learning content and materials. Details on exact expenses covered by Apple vary from country to country and will be communicated in the registration information for each event.
  3. Maintain an “active” membership status through: regular monitoring of content and news and participation in online forums and interest groups in the ADE Online Community (minimum of two logins per month); maintaining an up-to-date member profile with contact information and brief biography; submitting a bi-annual impact survey to share content you have published, presentations or activities you have participated in, and stories of impact around learning projects or accomplishments in your classroom or school; and submitting an informal, one-minute annual reflections video that highlights accomplishments you are proud of each year to the Annual Reflections Videos space in the ADE Online Community.3 The Annual Reflections Videos is a collaborative project for all ADEs to share in the accomplishments of their year.
  4. Attain recognition as an Apple Teacher, provided the Apple Teacher program is available in your country and language of fluency. The Apple Teacher program is a professional learning program designed to support and celebrate teachers. It offers self-paced learning with free learning materials, tips, inspiration and news and helps teachers make the most of Mac, iPad and built-in apps for their students in the classroom.

2 Approval from your school or organization’s legal counsel or ethics official (or the appropriate individual within your organization) is required before this benefit is provided.

3 Members who do not maintain “active” status will no longer have access to the ADE Online Community and will be ineligible for annual ADE Institutes.

Opportunities for ADEs

  1. Provide input to Apple on the realities of integrating instructional technology into modern learning environments.
  2. Contribute exemplary content, either online or in digital form, that demonstrates the use of Apple and other technologies in professional or educational environments. Such content could include teaching and leadership best practices, exemplary lesson ideas, student projects, electronic books, pedagogical models, or resources for professional development or the advancement of education. Any information or content shared must comply with applicable laws and policies, including but not limited to those regarding confidentiality, intellectual property and privacy.
  3. Engage with Apple and ADE peers on project-based teams and participate with Apple, online and/or in person, at the local, state/provincial, national, or international level to speak at educational conferences, meetings and events, as feasible. (We recognize that you must get permission for leave from your school or organization.) If you participate in a non-local event at Apple’s request, Apple may cover your travel, lodging and meal expenses, and in cases where significant content development or repeated delivery of workshops or presentations is requested, Apple may offer a stipend or payment.4
  4. Apple may commission content or participation by an ADE around a specific theme, purpose or concept that is specific to an Apple need. These engagements are an opportunity to engage with Apple directly, are not required as a part of ADE membership and may be declined. Engagements of this nature may include payment of a pre-determined fee or rate and/or the reimbursement of related travel and expense costs.5

4 Approval from your school or organization’s legal counsel or ethics official (or the appropriate individual within your organization) is required before this benefit is provided.

5 Before engagements are accepted, your school or organization must confirm whether outside engagements/employment are permissible, whether reimbursement or payment of associated expenses is permissible, and whether payment of compensation for time spent developing and/or delivering content is permissible.

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. You or Apple may terminate this Agreement for any reason and at any time upon notice to the other party. On termination, you will cease to refer to yourself as an Apple Distinguished Educator and will cease using any certification supplied by Apple. Any investment you made in your own business or expense incurred in connection with your appointment to this program is not the responsibility of Apple and Apple will have no liability in connection with such investment or expenditure.
  2. You acknowledge that this Agreement does not create any relationship of employee/employer or agent/principal between you and Apple. You will be solely responsible for any tax, social security or any other legally required contributions/payments due and payable in relation to this Agreement. You will be solely responsible for your own insurance in relation to this Agreement and your activities as an ADE. You acknowledge that you have no authority to enter into any legally binding commitment on Apple’s behalf, and agree that you will not hold yourself out as possessing such authority.
  3. You warrant that your employment or contracting authority or administration is aware of your activities for Apple as an ADE and agrees to your receiving the benefits and undertaking the responsibilities set out herein.
  4. Apple takes compliance with ethics laws and regulations and school policies very seriously, and would not want to create even the appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest for educators participating in the ADE Program. Nothing provided in association with the ADE Program is in any way intended to influence the recipient in the performance of their official duties. If your role at your school involves making decisions regarding technology purchases, you must consult with your school or organization’s ethics official or the appropriate individual within your organization’s administration to determine if you need to either recuse yourself from those decisions to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, or reconsider whether your participation in the ADE Program is appropriate.
  5. All ADEs are required to obtain approval from their administration to participate in the ADE Program. Your school or organization’s legal counsel, ethics official, or appropriate individual within your administration (“Ethics Official”) must also confirm that it is permissible under applicable laws and your organization’s policies for you to participate in the ADE Program and accept the benefits detailed in the Agreement. In the United States, Apple is a registered lobbyist employer and/or state contractor in many states, which may affect how participation and these benefits must be reviewed.

    Approvals are managed through the online ethics approval tool. ADEs must begin the ethics approval process by visiting the ethics tool within the ADE Online Community, completing the ADE portion and providing the name and email address of their immediate supervisor. The ethics tool will then email the identified individual with login instructions for accessing the tool; the supervisor will then complete their portion of the tool and provide the name and email address for the organization’s Ethics Official. The ethics tool will email the Ethics Official with login instructions for accessing the tool; the Ethics Official will then need to complete their portion of the tool and submit their responses. If more information is needed, please email us at Completed ethics approvals will remain valid for a period of three years, provided the ADE remains employed at the same school/organization. If an ADE’s employment role changes significantly within the current school/organization (for example, if you become an administrator or school leader) an updated ethics review will be required immediately. If your place of employment changes you must promptly notify us, and begin a new ethics approval process as specified in item 4 of this section, before continuing to participate in the ADE Program. Apple will work with schools or organizations with multiple employees in the ADE Program to facilitate a single approval.
  6. We expect that during your participation in the program you will engage with others in a professional and respectful manner, including at all events hosted by Apple or where Apple has facilitated your participation.
  7. Ongoing membership in the ADE Program is intended to facilitate collaboration for members of the teaching profession (individuals whose primary employment is within a school or an organization with an educational mission). We understand that ongoing participation in the ADE Program is desirable, however, if your place of employment changes and your new line of work is no longer in a professional educational, instructional, or administrative role, you may no longer be eligible for membership as an “active” ADE. Employment by or establishment of a for-profit company, even if the company’s primary mission is to provide educational products or services, may require the termination of your ADE membership. This determination will be made on a case-by-case basis by the ADE Program team. If your membership is terminated for this reason, you may continue to refer to your past honor of being a part of the ADE Program (example: “Member, ADE Class of 2011”) in your professional or personal resumes, online profiles or conference speaker descriptions. You may not however use the ADE Program graphic signature (logo) or imply that you are an active member of the current program or ADE Online Community or use your designation as an ADE in any way to market or drive business. ADEs who have a sole-proprietor consultancy business (full or part-time) may be allowed to remain in the program, but may not use the ADE Program graphic signature (logo) or use your designation as an ADE to market or drive business for your consulting services. If you return to an educational role at a later date, you may request to reinstate your ADE status by contacting the current ADE Program manager in your country or by emailing
  8. You agree that no payment or any other benefit is due from Apple, other than the benefits described in this Agreement. We are entitled to make variations and amendments to these program terms, including the right to terminate the program benefits and vary the qualification criteria, upon thirty (30) days notice to you, which notice may be given by e-mail and/or on the ADE Online Community (or equivalent). We solely determine your eligibility to the benefits and to the qualifications. ADEs are responsible for communicating any variation or amendment to the program terms to their Ethics Official to ensure they are acceptable under applicable laws and internal policies. An Ethics Official may login to the ethics approval tool at any time to change previous approvals.
  9. You agree that for the duration of this Apple Distinguished Educator Program Agreement and for a period of five years afterwards, you will keep secret and confidential any trade secrets or business information disclosed to you by Apple and identified by Apple as confidential, except where such information comes into the public domain (other than by way of unauthorized disclosure) or where you are required to disclose such information as a matter of law.
  10. The personal information that you voluntarily provide as part of the ADE Program will be used by Apple to operate the ADE Program and will be used in compliance with applicable privacy laws. Apple will use your data in accordance with Apple’s privacy policy. Please visit for more information.
  11. You may not issue press releases or make any public statements about the ADE Program without Apple’s prior written approval, or use Apple’s logos or marks except in accordance with Apple’s guidelines for third-party marks usage, found at Apple’s website. Guidelines on use of the ADE Program graphic signature (logo) are found in the Apple Asset Toolkit located in the ADE Online Community. Activities and announcements that are approved for public discussion and posting on social media will be clearly identified during an event or via the ADE Online Community. Questions about public discussions and posting should be directed to
  12. You agree to comply with all applicable laws and Apple guidelines when posting to social media about the ADE Program or Apple products and services. For social media posts by ADEs in the U.S. targeted towards U.S. viewers, this includes Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations (“FTC”), including the following guidelines:
    • 12.1. If the contents of your social media post require it, you will sufficiently disclose your relationship with Apple across all Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, e.g.) in accordance with FTC regulations and advertising guidelines (e.g., #AppleDistinguishedEducator).
    • 12.2. All disclosures posted with the Social Media Message must appear before the fold, or the "click to read more” button appears. Any required disclosures must appear early in the post.
    • 12.3. All statements will reflect your honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences. You agree to not make statements about Apple products that you have not personally used, examined or evaluated.
    • 12.4. You agree that you will not make any deceptive, misleading, untruthful, or unsubstantiated claims about Apple, Apple products, or services.
    • 12.5. Your social media posts will not include any additional material that could be considered defamatory or infringe upon the intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights of others.
    • 12.6. If your membership in the ADE Program is terminated for any reason, you agree to avoid making any representations on social media that you are an active member of the ADE Program.
  13. You may not use or export or re-export any content provided by Apple or by other ADEs, or any copy or adaptation of such content, in violation of any applicable laws or regulations, including without limitation United States export laws and regulations.
  14. Announcements of software titles available through the ADE Software Evaluation and Advocacy (SEAP) Program are announced via the ADE Online Community. If receipt of software titles through the ADE SEAP Program is approved by the ADE’s Ethics Official, access codes to download software are available via a request tool in the ADE Online Community. The software distribution tool in the ADE Online Community is for the exclusive use of ADEs to request and receive formal offers of Apple and third party software applications or licenses. The items received through this site are for personal and professional use as an educator and for content development, demonstration, testing and evaluation purposes and may not be resold or transferred. Distribution or deployment throughout a school, agency or educational organization is prohibited. Dates of software availability or releases are not pre-announced, and software offers may be suspended or discontinued at any time, at Apple’s discretion. If software titles received under the ADE Software Evaluation and Advocacy Program are resold, transferred to another user, or abused in any way, membership in the ADE Program may be terminated immediately.
  15. The (a) relevant Apple entity; (b) governing law of this Agreement, and (c) the courts with exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute that arises in connection with this Agreement are identified in the table below, according to the country or region in which you reside.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Contact us via email at

Region or country in which you reside Apple Governing law and courts with jurisdiction
Brazil Apple Computer Brasil Ltda. Brazil, courts of the city of Sao Paulo
Chile Apple Chile Comercial Ltda. Chile, courts of the city of Santiago
Colombia Apple Colombia SAS Colombia, courts of the city of Bogota
Canada Apple Canada Inc. Ontario, Toronto
Mexico Apple Operations Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Laws of Mexico
Courts of Cuidad de México
United States and Other Americas Countries Apple Inc. Delaware, U.S.A.
Europe, Middle East, India and Africa
India Apple India Private Ltd. Republic of India
Courts of the City of New Delhi, India
Russia LLC Apple Rus Russia
Turkey Apple Teknoloji ve Satış Limited Şirketi Turkey, ICC arbitration in London
United Arab Emirates Apple M E FZCO Dubai Branch. English law
Courts of the Dubai International Financial Center
Other EMEIA Countries Apple Distribution International English law
Asia Pacific
Australia; Fiji, Papua New Guinea; Vanuatu Apple Pty. Limited. New South Wales, Australia
Hong Kong Apple Asia Limited Hong Kong
Indonesia PT Apple Indonesia Singapore
Japan Apple Japan Inc. Laws of Japan
Tokyo District Court
Korea Apple Korea Ltd. Seoul, Korea
Malaysia Apple Malaysia Sdn Bhd Malaysian law; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
New Zealand Apple Sales New Zealand New Zealand
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Guam, Laos, Singapore, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka Apple South Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore law, Singapore
People's Republic of China Apple Computer Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Law of People’s Republic of China
Any dispute shall be submitted to China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration (CIETAC) for final and binding arbitration in Beijing in accordance with CIETAC rules before a single arbitrator.
Thailand Apple South Asia (Thailand) Limited Thai law; Bangkok, Thailand
Taiwan Apple Asia LLC. Taiwan Branch Taipei, Taiwan
Vietnam Apple Vietnam LLC Vietnamese law; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Other Asian Pacific Countries Apple Inc. California, U.S.A.